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Our Lattice Arbors Last a Lifetime

Lattice Arbor

The elegance of a Lattice Arbor will bring an air of romance and sophistication to your backyard. Whether it’s raining or blazing hot outside, you can actually continue to enjoy your patio year-round with the installation of a Lattice Arbor by 21st Century Sunrooms. With the look of wood and the endurance of aluminum, the product that we use creates outdoor lattice structures that are ideal complements to the good looks and durability of your patio.

21st Century Sunrooms specialize in the design and installation of both open and closed patio pergola structures. While the solid enclosed patio will surely protect you from the rain, it tends to be darker. With a Lattice Arbor, you’ll get more light and airiness but probably not as much protection from the elements as you’d like. Nor will a solid patio cover be easy to convert if you ever change your mind about how much outdoor coverage you need.

Our all-aluminum Lattice Arbor means no deterioration or termite damage. Our attractive Lattice Arbors are “maintenance free” and allow you to stay cool on the hottest days, and block the sun’s harmful UV rays. Our all-aluminum Lattice Arbor is virtually maintenance free and built to last. All come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles.

With our company’s reputation, knowledge, and experience level, you can be sure you are getting the best. That’s why we are the top rated company that so many Houstonians turn to for their next patio project. You can come to expect to be treated like family when you call on us. Get in touch with us today at (281) 320-8400.

Houston Lattice Arbor

Every homeowner has a different idea in place. We do custom Houston Lattice Arbor designs for garden enthusiasts of every scale. Nothing anchors an arbor like beautiful roses, ivy, or jasmine. Create an intimate space in your garden, nestled in beauty. Take this time to put a bench and create a nook for reading or relaxing. You could even add a hammock and enjoy a hint of shade in our warm summers. We can also do a custom arbor design for a park of a square. Providing shady areas for people to have lunch and catch a breath of fresh air, your imagination only limits the possibilities. Give us a call, and let’s sit down and talk about your plans! We will give you a free estimate and go over any questions or concerns you may have.

When it comes time for your Houston Lattice Arbor installation, we are all about personal service. We take the time to see your vision and customize your space with a gorgeous pergola. We leave you with nothing but an amazing feature that wows from design, installation, to clean up.

Are you looking to make your backyard patio more inviting? We can build a Lattice Arbor large enough for outdoor dining. They can also be added to decks, another of our specialties, to showcase a grilling or lounge area. Lattice Arbors add height and interest to any space. Rather than keeping all the décor at eye level, you can create the feeling of a room and extend the visual plane. You can also incorporate one of our beautiful wrought iron gates and couple the two together for a grand entry to your garden. Whatever purpose you desire, we welcome the chance to sit down with you. For honest, dependable work, give us a call! As a family-owned and operated business, we put forth the same effort on every job as if it were our own home.

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Lattice Arbor Near Me

Lattice arbors add character and charm to your backyard while also providing several benefits and features. This simple structure offers your family and guests protection from the weather, ensuring their comfort at your next backyard barbecue, pool party or any other outdoor event. Lattice arbors are versatile structures and can be made from high quality materials like aluminum, has a lifetime warranty, no need to paint, never warp, and never crack. Work with our design experts to choose the color, style and type of shade arbor that’s perfect for your backyard.

Houston is known for its sub-tropical climate and lush vegetation, making a Lattice Arbor the perfect outdoor accessory to any home. Relax in your custom built shade lattice arbor while listening to crickets and watching fireflies on a balmy summer night. Or get some respite from the sun as you enjoy a glass of wine beneath stunning climbing flowers at sunset. Lattice arbors are a quick way to elevate the look of your backyard and give it some outdoor elegance.
If you’re convinced that your yard is missing an arbor, the next thing to do is finding a quality “Lattice Arbor Near Me” that can provide you with elite service. With decades of experience, we are ready to help you with your lattice arbor & pergola installations. Not only will we ensure you’ve got the right materials to maintain your privacy, but we’ll also make sure your backyard getaway is built to last for years to come. To schedule an appointment with us, call us today at (281) 320-8400 for additional information.

Aluminum Lattice Arbor

Few things improve a backyard’s appearance like one of our beautifully crafted pergolas. Our pergolas are built from long lasting aluminum and offer superiority, simplicity, and incredible beauty! Our pergolas are 100% maintenance free and are backed by a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Aluminum Lattice Arbor can transform the look of your property with their contemporary style and delicate designs. They have attractive and clean designs that perfectly fit even to small dimensional spaces. We have a huge variety of arbor designs available. Open lattice roofs allow you to perfectly control the amount of sunlight you wish to have.

Not satisfied with the existing designs? Don’t worry, even when you like particular designs of some other material, you can get them designed in aluminum or that in the materials of your choice.
We have been in the business of beautifying the properties of local homeowners for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on using only the finest techniques and materials. Houston Screen Room specializes in building backyard projects such as patio covers and screen enclosures.

Let us build the perfect accent or centerpiece around your home with our custom pergolas and lattice arbor creation. We proudly serve Houston, Texas. Reach out today to get your free estimate!

Patio Pergola

21st Century Sunrooms specialists will create you a custom Patio Pergola that will alter weather and age. We build quality aluminum pergolas and aluminum lattice arbors because they’re almost maintenance-free compared to the substandard materials used. This kind of material is superior to other products on the market, and, honestly, other materials are not worth the money you spend on them. You’re not going to have to worry about sanding, painting, staining, sealing, warping, or cracking wood components, eventually needing a new pergola replacement. We care about our clients, and we care that they get the most out of their money. Aluminum pergolas are smooth, non-porous materials that are not weakened by weathering.

Patio Pergola is an excellent addition to your home. It’s a gorgeous self-contained structure that can provide either open or partially open roofs supported by columns or posts. Homeowners can enjoy an outdoor pergola for their garden, patio, or any other outdoor location on their property. We’re providing a quality framework topped with a lattice. We customize and design your pergola to your preferred shape and size. If you need help trying to decide what you want with your landscape or property size, please call us at (281) 320-8400.

Houston Pergola

Adding an eye-catching, well-designed pergola is an easy way to make a sophisticated upgrade to the exterior of any building. Certainly, architectural sunshades benefit many buildings in many ways. 21st Century Sunrooms’ aluminum pergolas add value by defining the outdoor living space, reducing your building’s energy consumption.

Traditionally, pergolas have been made from wood or vinyl. For optimization, we recommend aluminum. For this reason, wood weathers with age and requires painting, staining or sealing every couple of years to protect it from fading, cracking and rotting. Similarly, vinyl can fade and crack, too. Aluminum, however, is lightweight, strong, resists corrosion, withstands high winds, offers a low maintenance finish, and is a highly recyclable material. Aluminum’s smooth, nonporous surface withstands weathering so it doesn’t require refinishing. Moreover, aluminum is typically fast and easy to fabricate and install for cost savings.

With the proper material, design, and installation, a pergola can last many years and remain practically maintenance-free. Consider us for designing your next Houston Pergola since our team of certified designers and installers work diligently with you. In fact, we provide high quality, innovative solutions to ensure your sunshade structure will offer lasting beauty for many years to come. And remember, pergolas are more than a shading structure. They are a real living space that adds value to your commercial building!

What Our Customers Have To Say...

Outstanding and extremely satisfied!!! Hire 21st Century Sunrooms for your pergola. Their estimates are extremely competitive and the quality of the finished product they produce is exemplary. Brent and his wife know their business and are professional. On a personal note, I must state that they are gems to do business with. They completed and submitted the design and required Requests for Approval to build documentation to the Architectural Review Committee for review and approval. During the design process, I advised Brent that I wanted to hang a solar screen to block the afternoon sunlight onto the supporting beam. Brent ensured that specific beam was reinforced with extruded material. Brent also installed an electrical outlet and agreed to mount the solar screen at no additional costs. Once the design was approved, Brent called to schedule the building of the pergola. The installation team showed up on the scheduled date and worked fast and effectively completing the project in two days. We are very happy with 21th Century Sunrooms and recommend them as top-notch in their profession without any reservation.
Good, fair estimate beat 2 other contractors for a simple patio cover, with new concrete slab. They were pleasant to work with, straight forward, use good materials and hard-working. No wonder they've been doing it for 4 years. Call them.
Walter Swaim
Walter Swaim
Brent was great. Honest and provided great service!
Moses Sohn

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